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Built By Bands!

We love using resistance bands in our outdoor sessions, but why?

Resistance bands come in many shapes and forms, but it's long been known that they can benefit workout routines.

Less chance of injury - bands allow for slow, controlled movements without the risk of pushing yourself too far.

If you can't work against a band's resistance, you won't use it. Whereas with a weight, you may find out too late that it's too heavy!

Cost-effective - you can pick up a set of bands for relatively cheap, allowing you to get a variety of exercise in, for not that much money.

Mobility - You can also use resistance bands for stretching and mobility work, which will, in turn, benefit your weight-lifting workouts.

Variable muscle stimulus - One major difference between free weights and resistance bands is the variable resistance applied through the full range of motion of an exercise.

With free weights, there are parts of the movement when the muscles aren't performing much work due to lack of gravity, such as at the top of a bicep curl.

You don't get this with resistance bands; in fact, the top of the movement is when there's the most tension!


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