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Meet Our Team


Charlie Brister

Strength & Conditioning Coach, PT, Paddleboard Instructor

Charlie is a level 4 Strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer who has worked in the fitness industry since 2008.

A former Army physiclal training instructor Charlie has a vast range of experience helping a huge variety of clients to improve their physical and mental wellbeing as well as working towards achieving their personal performance goals.

Charlie enjoys all forms of outdoor activity from hiking and paddleboarding to mountain biking and endurance running.

Ian Moir

Coach, PT, Paddleboard Instructor

Ian is a personal trainer and experienced paddleboard instructor.

Ian enjoys a large variety of outdoor activities, he is a keen cyclist and paddleboarder who has completed endurance events on foot, bike and paddleboard.

Emma Noble


Emma is an endurance training leader for the Royal Navy, a fitness instructor and P.E Teacher.

Emma has previously worked as a Scuba instructor overseas and has been an outdoor instructor for 12yrs specialising in Ski-ing and Kayaking.

Emma is passionate about enjoying the outdoors whether it is on foot, ski's mountain bike or paddleboard.


Paul Thomson

Coach, PT

Paul is an outdoor fitness professional who has been helping people achieve their goals for 11yrs.

Paul was an Infantry soldier in the Scots Guards and uses his military background to help motivate and push his clients to achieve their full potential.

Stephen McPhelim

Coach, Cycle Leader

Stephen has been involved with organised outdoor fitness since 2006 and has been instructing since 2015.

In addition to coaching In2 the Wild outdoor fitness sessions Stephen is a British Cycling Cycle Leader and will use his vast experience of cycling great routes throughout the West of Scotland to plan and lead rides for all abilities from beginner to experienced road cyclist.

Sean McCabe

Coach, PT

Sean is a personal trainer with experience training a variety of clients in one to one, small group and large group sessions both indoors and outdoors helping them achieve a range of health and fitness targets.

With over 15yrs experience in martial arts, Sean has competed across the world at international level in Kickboxing and Karate which he now coaches.

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